HCG Boat/Yacht Hygiene

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It is as universal, every yacht, boat, no matter how carefully maintained will get a case of undesired boat mildew eventually. Particularly in the spring at the start of the new boating season the mildew related lung irritations or illnesses should not be overlooked as the on board passenger`s health(staying overnight!) can be affected.

To remove and clean all mildew affected areas(hidden corners, cracks, narrow openings) by hand using the right chemicals is simply impossible. These shortcomings lead us the start of the development a chemical free and complete boat/yacht interior hygiene treatment system.

Mobilsept™ Boat Robot designed and built for the marine/yacht industry!
All Mobilsept Boat units are built with a dry air feed system. This important technical feature enables all users to receive the produced O33 gas at a steady level of concentration (higher humidity drastically reduces O3 level output) even when used in high levels of humidity. The air dry system automatically regenerates itself, giving a long term and service free condition The Boat Robot is using a Chemical free, ozone gas based treatment process.
The unit is completely round no edges will not leave any marks or scratches even in the finest most sensitive leather interior. Incorporating the latest and most efficient ozone gas technology with 3gr/hrs output and industrial level high output fan with left-right side air outlet dual same time Disinfecting/Deodorizing process capability. The single 55 minutes Disinfecting/Deodorizing cycle will bring the an odour and pathogen free interior condition. The efficiency of the Robot has been verified thru laboratory tests where we've received excellent proofs and results. The Robot`s ozone concentration level is properly set for boat interior purposes even for repeated treatment in case it's needed. The use of the HCG Robot will not cause or leave any harm on any surfaces in the boat`s interior. Mobilsept™ Boat Robot is registered International Trade Mark.

Note: The level of ozone concentration of the Mobilsept™ Boat Robot is safe for all surfaces even in the event of heavily mildew affected cabins, where repeated (shock) treatments need to be performed.

Important: The level of ozone concentration needed to kill mold is much higher the level that is safe to breathe. During the Mobilsept™ Boat Robot treatment person or pets cannot be at present!

Mobilsept™ Boat Robot – Use it always as directed!

Mobilsept™ Boat Robot - Main Technical Details
- 3gr/hrs. or 6 gr/hrs. ozone output enough to treat 30sqm (320sqft) or 60 sqm (640 sqft) cabin area
- Industrial quality high out-put fan
- Center-left-right side air out let for maximum efficiency
- Stainless steel air grids
- Size: H 32cm 12" L 38cm (15") Ø 20cm (8")
- Built in timer for hygiene and shock treatment
- Heavy duty corrosion free round housing
- Easy storage, simple to use
- Fully programmed automatic operation
Mobilsept™ Boat Robot: The new Standard in Boat Hygiene

News: Thank you for visiting our stand at SEMA show and Automechanika Frankfurt September 2016