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Treatments for rooms, spaces, building, boats, RV
1 Treatment · 8 Functions!
O3 generator! Simple to Use!

  • Air/Surface disinfection
  • Anti allergens
  • Bactericid-Fungicid, Virucid
  • Plug in and go

•Destroying mold micro-organism
•No use of other chemicals
•Home, A/C, RV disinfecting
•Destroying odor microbes

Important! Is Ozone Safe?

Yes. Commercial ozone generators are designed for use in unoccupied areas. At room temperature after treatment the O3 shortly will revert back to O2, leaving no chemical vapors in the air or residue on surfaces. The Mobile Terminator is not intended to be used as air freshener while the area is occupied by person or pet. Ozone is powerful sanitizer and excessive ozone concentrations may cause mucus membrane or respiratory irritation, and can affect people with asthma. To be safe it is always best to use ozone units in unoccupied spaces as recommended. ​

When to rent:

Sanitizing- hygiene surface treatments: home, apartments, rental property, hotel room, offices, warehouse, basement, boats, RV, cars

Mold-mildew problems: home, apartments, rental property, hotel room, offices, warehouse, basement, boats, RV, cars

Malodor removal of urine, paint, glue, decay, fire, pungent, chemical, skunk: home, apartments, rental property, hotel room, offices, warehouse, basement, boats, RV, cars

Renting System

Provider of professional high-level hygiene & malodor removal system

We offer the new Mobile Terminator O3 gas based chemical free, high level hygiene treatments and malodor removal solution for homes, only available through a network of quality-controlled, locally-based rental centers.

The strongest advantage of using a Mobile O3 Terminator is to avert the unhealthy surfaces and air in homes. The hygiene treatment brings a fresh healthy germ free disinfected air and surfaces greatly reducing possible illness transmitting factors.

Easy rental for your comfort… Should you have a malodor issue in your home? Ozone can sufficiently remove all types of odor microbes producing undesired smells, including urine odors. Strong nicotine odor, having a cat or dog even as puppies their pee has the intense aroma and very challenging to remove.

Our Mobile Terminator units are streamlined, lightweight and easy to apply. With powerful output it can treat single areas up to 600sq ft respectively. The O3 concentration level is set for hygiene – odor removal. This level of O3 gas will not oxidize damage or harm in any way household goods. The unit is fully automatic, with built in humidity compensator. Chose the program of your need, push the start button and leave the area to be treated. The Terminator depending on the chosen program will auto restart or stop after the performed treatment cycle. The use of the Mobile Terminator performs efficient solutions for every commercial or private user in the removal of various types of odors and mildew or reinstating the desired hygiene conditions.

The Mobile O3 Terminator meets OSHA guide lines and equipped with active O3 warning system and active O3 gas destruct cycle.


The Mobile Terminator O3 units are not intended to be used for air cleaning purposes while people pets are in the treated area. For 100% safe use before operating please read our guide lines in the user manual.

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