Mobilsept Premium HCG Robot user marketing –sales aid program

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Performing interior sanitization type of work and its related sizeable income in car service centers are no longer considered a novelty. Nevertheless, in this area there are 3 missing elements which are very common:

1. The complete interior disinfecting work is often only offered and carried out during the summer months. This is also highly influenced by the media, although it is equally important after fall or during the winter months or in the flu season.
2. The service management is simply overlooking the possible revenue increase, the growth, plus the benefits of customer dedication upon the finished treatments.
3. Also an oversight by the management is the missed marketing opportunities. Performing a very low internal cost hygiene treatment could bring in new customers and at the same time increase the patronage of the existing customer is the scenario in every service!

The price of miscellaneous items in the service is often overlooked. The cost of the O3 hygiene treatment is sizably less than the cost of many sprays or other chemicals. The treatment with the HCG Robot involves minimum labor and 0% work fault! The use of innovative marketing for the Mobilsept™ Premium System clearly proved the importance of our activities and the need of the produced materials.

1. After reading the possible interior health hazard information flier, 74% of the car owners are requesting the Mobilsept™ HCG treatment.
2. Placing the proof of treatment hanger on the steering column resulted in a 64% customer return and generated an additional 17% of new customers for this service.

All Mobilsept™ HCG operators are provided with the continuous bases:
A. Mini poster for customer waiting area (40x70cm, 18``x22``) (free)

B. Color, 2 sided Hygiene and Odor removal information flier (9x21cm, 4``x8``) (free)

C. Proof of treatment hanger 2 sided color. (free)

D. Mobilsept™ HCG Robot banner, color. (300x61cm, 10`x2`) (optional)

E. Listing on several web-sites of the National Mobilsept™ HCG Partners

F. Popularity campaigns for car drivers to wider the recognition of the importance for Mobilsept™ Treatments, using media and social media platforms.

G. Promotional Mobilsept™ Treatment campaigns to further popularize the service.

Where does the Mobilsept™ HCG O3 Robot help and be useful in the service?
- New and Used Car sales
- Reinforcing customer trust- proven by laboratory results and documented proof for reducing asthma/allergies, infection and fungus induced sickness prevention.
- Positive customer impression – the sole solution for services to provide full odor molecule destruction leaving a pleasant natural smell in every car
- Not dismissible service department – customer trust enhancer
- Revolutionary Hygiene technology – providing ideal health condition for all passengers
- Full customer satisfaction
- New revenue opportunity