Premium Equipment for Premium Service Providers

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The Mobilsept Premium HCG Robot Generators are for Automotive Brand Dealers, independent service centers, car rentals, car detailing, car washes and body shop businesses who can all benefit and serve their customer's cars’ perfect hygiene or odor removal needs

Modern Technology

Beyond our innovative and unique technical features which help the automotive trade, we are also offering an attractive and reasonable rental distribution. All rental units in service receive free service or immediate replacement and full marketing materials (see details in HCG Support menu) as these are help the user`s establishment to generate business in a much faster and professional way.

The Premium HCG Robot unit is only available to the trade through short/long term rental

The Premium HCG Robot why is it only available in rental form?

A, The chemistry of ozone produces a very strong oxidizing gas (2000x than chlorine) and this gas does effect the internal components as well. Without regular service, in time the output level of O3 gas will be greatly reduced. The HCG Robot, as any Premium Service Equipment, does provide free regular service intervals tracked by the built in cycle counter. Every 300 treatment cycles, the units will need to be checked for O3 output efficiency, which service is free and regularly performed by the local distributor.

B, Low Rental Fee. The reasonable monthly rental fee, plus local taxes (if applicable) include the unified marketing materials which is set by the local distributor. With a few performed hygiene treatments, the low monthly rental fee can be quickly generated. Please inquire directly at your area distributor or at

Why renting is inexpensively supports your activities?

Not convinced yet? The worldwide majority users of the Mobilsept Premium HCG Robot are brand dealers, professional independent service centers and professional detailing shops. The number of average yearly services performed are: 248 Easy to do the math of how profitable the use of the Premium HCG Robot is for business.