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Disinfecting treatments with ozone does not require the use of any conventional detergents or cleaning chemicals. Reduce your services and your customer`s ecological footprint.

Most Advanced Technology
Why dry air feed system?

All Mobilsept Auto Hygiene units are built with a dry air feed system. This important technical feature enables all users to receive the produced O3 gas at a steady level of concentration (higher humidity drastically reduces O3 level output) even at use in higher levels of humidity. The air dry system automatically regenerates itself, giving long term and service free conditions.


Liquid or spray sanitizers should be avoided as these can cause electrical failures in various built in electronic components, resulting in expensive parts replacement. Fog or dry methods have many technical short comings, as the A/C-Heat system in Recirc. position also allowing min.15% fresh air flow in all cars. This dilution factor and is substantially reduces the genuine aim for the hygienically clean interior. Passenger compartment can`t be pressurized, the amount of air sucked in will leave with the used chemical through the vent holes.

The proper way: Ignition and Fan are OFF during Hygiene and Odor removal Treatment

With HCG Robot: Ignition off, no fan, no battery draw, no cabin filter service, no air dilution.

Mobilsept™ HCG Hygiene Robot Premium Service Equipment:

Mobilsept™ Nanotech HCG Vehicle Hygiene Robot

The Mobilsept™ Premium Service Solution HCG Robot is an interior - A/C disinfecting unit designed to safely destroy all pathogens dangerous to human health from the complete interior and A/C-heat system. It can be also effectively used for odor removal. The Nanotech HCG Robot features fully automatic operating programs to ensure easy use. The 27 minutes hygiene cycle is laboratory certified and it does deliver full pathogen free interior hygiene result. With the focus on trustable O3 gas concentration delivery even in hot weather and high humidity, the integration of the Nanotech humidity filter combined with oil less compressor and quartz O3 cell proven to be the viable and trustworthy design. Our unique Triple Access System is able to directly deliver the disinfecting gas directly to the A/C evaporator and air vent tubes. The HCG Robot does meet all OSHA workers safety regulations and guide lines and has built in O3 gas destruction cycle.

- O3 output: 2.5gr/hour
- Operating: 15°-37° (59°F-99°F)
- Power source: 110/240 VAC 50/60Hz
- Weight: 8kg (17.5 lbs.)
- Housing: Noncorrosive
- Display: LCD backlit
- Laboratory certified hygiene level

The produced ozone gas by the HCG generator will be distributed with 100% efficiency in the most hidden corners of the passenger's Cabin and Heating-A/C- Ventilation areas. This high quality level of treatment provides trustworthy results and health prevention for all passengers in the vehicles.

The use of the HCG Robot does not require a running FAN and ignition ON mode and cabin (pollen) filter condition does not need to be checked!

The use of cleaning or disinfecting sprays, foam products in the ventilation system is critical and can be harmful, due to the various electrical sensors or panels which are not visible but exposed to the inside air.Odor removal from the plastic air vent tubes and ducts can be very difficult!

O3 output – at 6-8PPM O3 concentration for the passenger cabin interior. is sufficient to destroy all pathogens. Convenient “Triple Access” O3 tube connection for A/C –Heating – Ventilation system treatment. Active O3 warning light (OSHA and EU workers safety regulations) equipped for personal safety. Several pre-programmed menus at disposal for the task of heavy odor removals.

Capacity: The HCG Robot treatment is sufficient for passenger cars and up to 9 passenger vans.

Customer satisfaction: We are proud of the over 88% customer return ratio and 91% of treatment satisfaction. The Premium HCG Robot has been tested and accredited with laboratory proven hygiene efficacy results.