The importance of the safe vehicle interior hygiene is common knowledge. Health authorities recommend these treatments to be done twice a year.
Mobilsept™ Vehicle Interior Hygiene Generators are closely following the latest automotive engineering directions in heating and cooling system designs. The Mobilsept™ Dry Air Feed Ozone technology based generators are specifically developed to perform flawlessly in any weather condition. They deliver fast and effective complete interior vehicle hygiene levels, at the same time, removing any undesired odors. Units are fully automated and programed. Treatment efficiency is tested by accredited laboratories and certified for interior hygiene efficacy.
The use of the Mobilsept™ HCG Robot is for the automotive professional. Dealers, garage repair centers, car rentals, car detailing, car washes and body shop businesses can all benefit and serve their customer’s cars’ perfect hygiene or odor removal needs. The Mobilsept™ HCG Robot is our Premium Service Equipment. The vehicle industry`s sole purposely designed HCG Robot is capable of delivering the perfect level of hygiene in any Vehicle Cabin - A/C-Heat –Ventilation system in a single treatment cycle of 27 minutes
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