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1. Is personal presence allowed during ozone treatments?
What you have to be aware of, first and foremost, is that you can not breathe ozone. During any ozone treatment, whether in automobiles, hotels, homes and buildings, a person should not be present or inside the area being treated.
There is an exception to this, and that is, if the ozone in controlled by sensors. Large public places all over the world use ozone injections right into the air conditioners to destroy smoke and its odors. These are controlled ozone, and you are, in fact, breathing it along with everyone else in these places.
What's important is that the ozone being applied is controlled with sensors for the adequate ozone level. Ozone is also used to treat water. Many city water systems and most bottled water is treated with ozone. The probability is high that you even drink ozone too.

2.Can the ozone oxidation cause any harm or damage in the interior of the car?
Ozone is a strong oxidant and could destroy such things as leather, vinyl and rubber, but only if misused by concentration and in use for long periods of time.
The treatment time for ozone in automobile interiors is a short 25 minutes. The HCG unit output capacity is specially developed to perform typical treatments for disinfection and odor removal in automobiles. Leather will typically not start to dry out until it has been exposed to a high ozone concentration (over 8gr/hrs.) for 8 to 10 hours.

3. Is the 25 minutes of The HCG unit's disinfecting cycle time enough?
Yes it is. For average interior conditions, it is definitely sufficient. In case there is a strong odor saturation, the working cycle can be repeated 2-3 times as necessary with 15-20 minutes waiting time between treatments.
In vehicles, oftentimes, the bad smell contributor is the plugged or highly contaminated A/C evaporator drain tube or system. Ensure the source of the bad smell is first eliminated, otherwise it will return!

4. Should the car's fan be on recycling mode and turned on?
It is not necessary. The main unique feature of the HCG unit is the direct disinfecting access into ventilation ducts and tubes. Once it is in operation, the cabin interior and the ventilation system will be completely sanitized and all odors removed.

5. What type of precaution needs to be followed when the HCG unit is in use?
Actually much less attention is needed than in the use of usual shop sprays and oil additives. Just make sure that the Cabin ozone outlet is not blocked and all tubes are inserted at least 25-30 com 10``-12`` into the 3 main dashboard air registers.

6. Is there any pre-preparation needed before the ozone treatment?
The ozone will not remove any spots (nor will it leave any spots) or destroy any garbage. Remove any spots before the treatment and remove all garbage from the interior before the HCG unit is activated.

7.Anything to do after the treatment?
After using the HCG unit, keep doors open for 3-4 minutes, which allows the concentrated "after rain smell" to leave the area. No other cleaning is necessary. The "after rain smell" will be noticeable for 1 or 2 days but no other harmful contributors will be present.
Reminder: The produced ozone atom will die after 25-30 minutes and change back to oxygen.