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Most Advanced Technology
Why a dry air feed system?

All Mobilsept Auto Hygiene units are built with a dry air feed system. This important technical feature enables all users to receive the produced O3 gas at a steady level of concentration (higher humidity drastically reduces O3 level output) even when used in high levels of humidity. The air dry system automatically regenerates itself, giving a long term and service free condition.

Do the correct way the hygiene treatment application!
Unfortunately many service professionals mistakenly or unknowingly, disuse less expensive O3 generators built for general purpose use. Using the vehicle heater fan while the O3 generator is working is false! The produced O3 will be diluted with fresh air (even in recirc. mode) and as cabins can`t be pressurized, part of the produced O3 will evaporate before it could actively take effect in the hygiene process. With this approach, running the fan also requires the engine to be idlefor at least 30minutes (wasting fuel and environment) and the pollen (cabin) filter will need to be checked if clogged or changed.

The Mobil Auto Hygiene Pro series

The Mobil Auto Hygiene -Pro series is specially designed and built with all important aspects of auto engineering of ventilation systems. Using correct technology for the Automotive Service professionals is vital. With our automated “Cabin Air-Surface” and “Air Duct and A/C system” the disinfection tasks are properly delivered in 44 minutes. The use of Auto Hygiene -PRO does not require a running FAN and ignition ON mode, cabin (pollen) filter condition does not need to be checked! The use of cleaning or disinfecting sprays, foam products in the ventilation system is critical and can be harmful, due to the various electrical sensors or panels which are not visible but exposed to the inside air. Liquids for disinfecting could cause an electrical malfunction or permanent damage to the part. Odor removal from the plastic air vent tubes and ducts can be very difficult!
O3 output: This unit is specifically designed for automotive use, for accurate hygiene and odor treatment with safe and efficient 1.5. gr./hour O3 capacity for the complete passenger cabin interior, and A/C –Heating – Ventilation systems. Active O3 warning light (OSHA and EU workers safety regulations) equipped for personal safety. Cabin + A/C duct disinfecting feature with various menus, operation is easy. With push button operation and pre-set 44 minutes running time, you will have a perfect hygiene result. In case of heavy odor removal issues shock treatment program is at your disposal. All types of hygiene or odor challenges can be easily solved with one of the “Dual Phase” pre-programmed menu.

Short Technical Overview - Chemical Free Cabin-A/C-Heating system disinfecting
- Dry air feed system
- Automotive engineering based sanitizing technology
- Perfectly oxidation safe for all interior parts and accessories
- Automatic 44 minutes Disinfecting/Deodorizing capability
- Dual cabin air intake
- Direct evaporator core access disinfecting method
- Sufficient for passenger cars and up to 9 passenger vans

Auto-Pro unit

Warranty 1 year

Mobilsept Auto Hygiene-Pro unit price: inquire please.